Skin Care Must-Haves (Part 2): The Natural, “DIY” Edition

Skin Care for the Eyes! A DIY (do it yourself) exclusive! I will be handing you tips and things that you can find in your house to help with your daily routine when it comes to taking care of your eyes, covering the “DIY” portion of my blog!

My last post was dedicate to the many different skin care products that I have used over time – ranging from Murad Face Wash, to Saint Ives Face Scrub, and Cucumber Face Towelettes. But this post is dedicated to a few skin care must-haves that are easy, affordable, and may even be found in your own home! If you don’t want to go out spending money on pricey skin-care items, then the following at-home items are a sure fire way to maintain skin care at an even more than reasonable price.

Skin care is difficult to maintain, but it is definitely manageable as long as you have the right products. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive brand on the market; you just need to know what works best for your skin!

indexOlive Oil! – Gets rid of make-up, soothes and hydrates the skin!

Need to get rid of make-up? There are tons of washes and towelettes that might do the trick, but that is not always so. Sure, there are face towelettes made specifically to wipe off make-up, but those hold harsh chemicals that can irritate or simply negatively affect the skin! When it comes to face washes for make-up, a lot of times they don’t completely get rid of all of the make-up on your face. So, what I’ve found that works amazing is a little trick I learned from a friend. Olive Oil!

Just any regular olive oil will do the trick: dab just a little bit onto a Q-tip and you’ll be able to get rid of even the heaviest of eye shadow. As far as foundation goes, you might as well just wash your face with your regular skin-care routine – the olive oil routine is mostly meant for heavy eye shadow, and excess make up left behind that couldn’t be picked up by the face wash or towelettes. So, dab some olive oil onto a Q-tip, and tend to the nasty leftover make up! It even leaves a smooth touch to the face after being applied!gothic-makeup-with-black-heavy-eyeshadow

Cucumbers reduce eye puffiness… But so do cold towels!

I’m sure we’ve all been given the advice that a few slices of cucumber will do the trick when it comes to diminishing and reducing red and puffy eyes. However, who really wants to waste a completely good cucumber on your face? Save food for what it’s meant for… eating! And try using some house-hold items instead; they will do the same thing… probably even better!

Now, before you go to your towel closet and pull out an ordinary, giant towel that you use after taking a shower, keep reading. The best thing for this treatment is a small towel, probably just a small face or hand towel. Fold it up so that it forms a small rectangular shape that can easily drape over both of yours eyes. Then, rinse that towel in incredibly cold water, after the towel has a nice chill and brisk feel to it, squeeze out the excess water.

Lay down in a dark room and apply the cold towel over your eyes, keep your eyes closed! And relax.

A lot of times, if I know that I have been up too late at night and will wake up looking tired and puffy, I place the towel over my eyes and go to sleep with it! When I wake up, no matter how tired I am I always feel a lot more refreshed and my eyes feel a lot less heavy in comparison to if I had just slept without the chilled mini-towel.

FYI, you will not catch a cold from keeping a chilled towel over your eyes! All of the excess cold water was squeezed out, so you’re really just applying something to soothe the inevitable puffiness.

Try these tips out! These are two of the most basic and important essentials in eye-care. You never want to have excess make up, and you want to ensure your eyes do not get damaged from any harsh store-bought make up removers… which is why you should try the olive oil! And, for a quick puffy eye fix, try the cold towel trick!


Skin Care Must Haves!

Skin Care Must Haves!

You know what I hate? Having lumpy, puffy, and bumpy skin caused by acne and other skin irritations. Of course, I do my very best to try and combat these imperfections by providing myself with the best types of skin care products! Since high school, I’ve dealt a lot with acne and skin irritation. Not only would I have break ups led by acne, my cheeks would even turn a bright red and just swell up because of serious skin irritation. It sucks, but there’s nothing else to do but accommodate to your skin’s needs and make sure it is in its best shape.

You can’t just depend on foundation and concealer to hide all blemishes and imperfections – no, you need to work a lot harder than that. It’s important to maintain healthy and clean skin so that your pores do not clog up, and so that you can feel a lot more fresh.

Anyways, this post is dedicated to skin care and the products I use to ensure the best and most proper skin care!

st-ives-fresh-skin-apricot-scrub-invigorating-6oz-1_1Saint Ive’s Apricot Scrub

I’ve tried tons of different face washes, and I’ve gotta say Saint Ive’s Apricot Scrub is definitely on top of my list of one of the best face washes. It has tiny beads within the scrub, which really helps to exfoliate the skin. Whenever I wash my face with this scrub I always feel like it’s digging deep at my pores and cleaning them out. I’ve definitely dealt with little to no blemishes or irritation because of this face scrub.

Plus, it comes with a sweet apricot smell! Good smelling, and good for the skin.

41RFZ9XXMMLMurad Face Wash

Don’t like face washes with exfoliation scrub like the Saint Ive’s face wash? Go for something more smooth and less rough on the skin! Murad Face Wash has been the talk of the year, becoming one of the most majorly used face washes to date. It It has no scent like other face washes, no exfoliation beads, it is just a translucent formula. It gets rid of the acne just as fast as Saint Ive’s. For me, I do prefer Saint Ive’s, but that is only because I prefer face washes with exfoliation. However, before I had come across Saint Ive’s, I had used Murad for the majority of my high school experience. I’ve never had a problem with this face wash – never once has it let me down.

12196303_201309171141YESto Cucumber – Soothing Facial Towelettes

If you’re looking for a nice, calming face wipe to get rid of your make up and sooth your skin this is definitely the face wipe for you! A lot of times, when traveling it is hard to just bring out your face wash and wash your face. If you’re on the go, a nice soothing face wipe is the best thing that will make you feel clean and refreshed! Also, because of the cucumber scent, I seem to feel even more awake after using it. Great for the skin! Helps clean out the poors and keeps you fresh.

I used the Yesto Cucumber facial towelettes mostly when I am traveling long distances. A long car ride, or even a plane ride, always feel a lot better when refreshing my skin with a nice cucumber towelette.