The Middle Part – a personal struggle

How trendy is the middle part right now? It’s absolutely crazy how major it has become in fashion today – totally knocking the side part off of its pedestal and standing as the number one, most ideal hairstyle of today.

What makes the middle part better than the side part?

The middle part is versatile, and looks completely natural when worn just right. It doesn’t require as much work as a side part, allowing your hair to fall oh-so gracefully down. It looks effortless, chic, and stylish!

What makes a side part so difficult (and obviously I’m being biased here, because I’ve had the side part for almost my whole life), is that it requires a lot more maintenance, especially if you’re dealing with bangs swept along your side part… absolutely annoying! And, if you read my previous blog post you would know that I have a serious issue with my hair, having to hairspray and constantly maintain it’s look or risk having it fall flat, depressing, and not so chic.

So, why do I have the side part? Why can’t I just change to the middle part?

First off, you can’t just change the parting of your hair so easily. It is actually, absolutely difficult to make the transition because of several reasons.

1. Your hair is used to the part it is already accustomed to, so changing the part will feel awkward, and maybe even uncomfortable. It also will not set the same exact way as your original part, because your hair is already so used to going a certain way.

2. A lot of times, the transition from side part to middle part is incredibly awkward. The side part allows a decent amount of hair to cover and shape your face; however, the middle part almost exposes your entire face. It’s uncomfortable for me, since I have an incredibly round face and don’t really know how to deal with having a middle part just yet.

With that being said, because the transition is so awkward for me, I have yet to settle with a middle part!



I do have some tips and tricks on the best ways to cope with the transitioning between a side-part to a middle part, making the transition easier for you if you are not as comfortable with your new hair style.

Option 1: Curl your hair away from your face, this will elongate your face, and keep it from looking so round as a result of the middle part. Because your hair falls symmetrically on both sides of the face, it will inevitable create the illusion of a much more rounded face. Instead, curling or even straightening your hair directly away from your face will help highlight the look of a much longer face.

Option 2: Keep it up! Tie your hair half up, keep the hair that falls to the side of your face and tie it into a half pony tail. This will not only get you used to the look of your face in being so exposed, but it will also get your hair used to the position of the side part.

Option 3: Twist or braid the sides! If you have fringes, or even if you are still uncomfortable with the way your hair is falling on the sides of your face, it works best to braid or twist the fringes or sides of your hair, and then pull them back, bobby pinning them to the back of your head.

Option 4: A cute headband works just as well! Whether it is a headband that wraps around your forehead, or even just pulls back your hair from your face – either work best when trying to deal with a new middle part.


Skin Care Must-Haves (Part 2): The Natural, “DIY” Edition

Skin Care for the Eyes! A DIY (do it yourself) exclusive! I will be handing you tips and things that you can find in your house to help with your daily routine when it comes to taking care of your eyes, covering the “DIY” portion of my blog!

My last post was dedicate to the many different skin care products that I have used over time – ranging from Murad Face Wash, to Saint Ives Face Scrub, and Cucumber Face Towelettes. But this post is dedicated to a few skin care must-haves that are easy, affordable, and may even be found in your own home! If you don’t want to go out spending money on pricey skin-care items, then the following at-home items are a sure fire way to maintain skin care at an even more than reasonable price.

Skin care is difficult to maintain, but it is definitely manageable as long as you have the right products. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive brand on the market; you just need to know what works best for your skin!

indexOlive Oil! – Gets rid of make-up, soothes and hydrates the skin!

Need to get rid of make-up? There are tons of washes and towelettes that might do the trick, but that is not always so. Sure, there are face towelettes made specifically to wipe off make-up, but those hold harsh chemicals that can irritate or simply negatively affect the skin! When it comes to face washes for make-up, a lot of times they don’t completely get rid of all of the make-up on your face. So, what I’ve found that works amazing is a little trick I learned from a friend. Olive Oil!

Just any regular olive oil will do the trick: dab just a little bit onto a Q-tip and you’ll be able to get rid of even the heaviest of eye shadow. As far as foundation goes, you might as well just wash your face with your regular skin-care routine – the olive oil routine is mostly meant for heavy eye shadow, and excess make up left behind that couldn’t be picked up by the face wash or towelettes. So, dab some olive oil onto a Q-tip, and tend to the nasty leftover make up! It even leaves a smooth touch to the face after being applied!gothic-makeup-with-black-heavy-eyeshadow

Cucumbers reduce eye puffiness… But so do cold towels!

I’m sure we’ve all been given the advice that a few slices of cucumber will do the trick when it comes to diminishing and reducing red and puffy eyes. However, who really wants to waste a completely good cucumber on your face? Save food for what it’s meant for… eating! And try using some house-hold items instead; they will do the same thing… probably even better!

Now, before you go to your towel closet and pull out an ordinary, giant towel that you use after taking a shower, keep reading. The best thing for this treatment is a small towel, probably just a small face or hand towel. Fold it up so that it forms a small rectangular shape that can easily drape over both of yours eyes. Then, rinse that towel in incredibly cold water, after the towel has a nice chill and brisk feel to it, squeeze out the excess water.

Lay down in a dark room and apply the cold towel over your eyes, keep your eyes closed! And relax.

A lot of times, if I know that I have been up too late at night and will wake up looking tired and puffy, I place the towel over my eyes and go to sleep with it! When I wake up, no matter how tired I am I always feel a lot more refreshed and my eyes feel a lot less heavy in comparison to if I had just slept without the chilled mini-towel.

FYI, you will not catch a cold from keeping a chilled towel over your eyes! All of the excess cold water was squeezed out, so you’re really just applying something to soothe the inevitable puffiness.

Try these tips out! These are two of the most basic and important essentials in eye-care. You never want to have excess make up, and you want to ensure your eyes do not get damaged from any harsh store-bought make up removers… which is why you should try the olive oil! And, for a quick puffy eye fix, try the cold towel trick!

Clyde – Hair God

Hollywood’s “Mane Man,” Clyde Haygood has created some of the best hairstyles and designs, presenting his work through stars such as the Kardashians and Naya Rivera. Now, I know this is my second post complimenting the Kardashians’ style and look – but I’m merely giving praise to the people that have managed to make these women look presentable and trendy! I mean, they clean up exceptionally well, and that wouldn’t be the case without the help of artists like Joyce Bonelli (see post below) and the topic of today, Clyde Haygood. He is literally a hair god! He manages to create such full and unique-looking hairstyles that are both creative and gorgeous.

A part of being a celebrity like Naya Rivera and the Kardashians is maintaining perfect hair! I mean c’mon, the majority of the time we see these celebrities is when they’re looking amazing, and this is only done through the help of their style team.

Let’s take a look at some of Clyde Haygood’s best works and why we love them so much.

Naya's Pom-Pom Ponytail by Clyde Haygood

Naya’s Pom-Pom Ponytail by Clyde Haygood

The Pom-Pom Ponytail!

Amazing! Why does Naya Rivera look like she has 3 times as much hair as I do? Thick and flowing, on top of that! The amount of teasing on my hair, with the addition of hair extensions, would still not amount to the precision and perfection found within this hairstyle. It looks effortless while still maintaining a completely chic appeal to it.

Clyde Haygood knows his clients, and accommodates to their looks – you don’t seem him doing Naya Rivera’s Pom-Pom Ponytail on someone like Khloe Kardashian. This look works because of Naya’s petite face, along with her tiny physique. The hair is big and bold throughout the ponytail, and the side bangs give a sense of alluring mystery that adds to Naya Rivera’s overall personality. The hairstyle also helps to accent her own facial features, highlight her eyes, slightly covered by the flowing bangs, and the deep hair color works to match the darkness of those eyes. Of course, I can see the Pom-Pom Ponytail on someone like Kim Kardashian, but not the same, exact style of Naya’s, maybe another version of it that would accent her own personal features.

Khloe's recent hairstyle on KUWTK by Clyde Haygood

Khloe’s recent hairstyle on KUWTK by Clyde Haygood

“Ghetto Gorgeous!”

Who doesn’t remember Khloe’s side cornrowed hair on the most recent Keeping up with the Kardashians?! Aside from the drama that the episode had brought, Khloe was rocking these cornrows, paired with a fairly pink and perky makeup style created by Joyce. Love it! The best part about having the dreadlocks only on one side of the face helps to not overwhelm the appeal of the look – it would be a bit too much if her whole head was cornrowed. The style also conveys a sense of uniqueness that Clyde Haygood is known for – not many hairstylists will send out their clients with such a bold piece of work, but he knows just how creative and bold to make his hairstyles without overwhelming the entire piece. The cornrows help to keep the hair out of Khloe’s face, revealing her amazing cheek bones and dark eyes. Whereas, the other half of her face presents her hair as long flowing, draping down and concealing part her behind these wavy locks. An overall beautiful, intricate, and stylish masterpiece!


Kim is Blonde! by Clyde Haygood

Kim is Blonde! by Clyde Haygood

Who made Kim BLONDE?! Clyde did!

If anyone else has been keeping up with these Kardashians, they would know by now that Kim Kardashian has officially gone blonde. And we love it! Clyde managed to color Kim’s hair in a way where the blonde color isn’t too overwhelming! He adds some dark highlights to the blonde hair, allowing it to look more natural. It works! Kim looks better than ever, and rocks this hairstyle with all the help of Clyde Haygood. Where would she be without him?!

A lot of times, celebrities want a little bit of change in their lives, dying their hair to add a little bit of variety to their look. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, Kim’s blonde hair worked, and there is a lot of detail put into this look so that she is able to maintain her new hair color! Without the dark highlights we would have completely lost Kim. The dark highlights help to coordinate with her dark eyes. And the combination of light and dark tones help to accent her exotic features.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and be sure to like the post if you enjoy these styles as much as I do!

Seward Johnson, bringing new life to major paintings –

A few months ago my boyfriend and I had visited New Jersey’s outdoor museum Grounds for Sculpture located in the Hamilton area. I’ve already been to a decent amount of museums before, but nothing compares to the wondrous and fresh appeal of New Jersey’s Grounds for Sculpture. The museum is sculpture based, and these sculptures are placed and organized beautifully amongst a rather scenic outdoors area. Shrubbery, flora, and several other nature based aspects help to highlight the sculptures that are placed all around the museum.

I could go on and on about every detail of Grounds for Sculpture, since it contains quite a bit of artwork and the natural set up is just so engaging. However, to condense this post I thought I’d focus on one of my favorite artists and some of his sculptures that were displayed within the exhibit.

Seward Johnson is by far one of my favorite artists, and it was thanks to visiting Grounds for Sculpture that I was able to introduce myself to some of his many works. What makes Seward Johnson so unique is that he has taken famous paintings and sculpted them into 3-dimensional, actual and realistic pieces.

“God Bless America” by Seward Johnson

Seward Johnson's rendition of American Gothic

Seward Johnson’s rendition of American Gothic

I’m sure many of you know of the painting American Gothic. Well, for those that may not know of the painting or just need their memory jogged- American Gothic was originally painted by Grant Wood. The painting depicts a farmer husband and his wife, with the husband holding a pitchfork and the wife standing right next to him. The couple wears rather Gothic based clothing through dark red and gray undertones. The backdrop of the painting is a farm house, set behind the couple. Both the husband and wife are set with rather monotone, somber faces. American Gothic by Grant Wood is already on its own a captivating, and extremely dense piece.

Now, through the sculpting talents of Seward Johnson, he has taken American Gothic and made it larger than life! As I was walking through the museum I immediately noticed the gigantic sculpture of the farmer husband and his wife – as well as the farmhouse background. All of this was shaped and molded. Being that it is a sculpture, it stands as a 3-dimensional piece of art, with every detail holding such realistic aspects.

Just look at it! Wondering how big it is? I can’t give you the exact size – but if you want to know how little you would be next to the painting, take a look at the suitcase next to the couple. You are even shorter than that suitcase. Yes, the farmer, the wife, and the house behind them quadruple in size next to you and probably your own house – towering over you, possible just as tall as some New York City buildings. Magnificent.

Seward Johnson’s interpretation of Henri Matisse’s “Dance”

Seward John's interpretation of Henri Matisse's "Dance"

Seward Johnson’s interpretation of Henri Matisse’s “Dance”

Henri Matisse had painted an amazing piece of artwork known as “Dance,” which depicts a young boy laying under a circle of dancing women – all holding hands and surrounding him as he lays in both relaxation and possibly awe.

Just like his interpretation of American Gothic, Seward Johnson takes the original painting of “Dance” and sculpts it into a giant, larger than life size creation. What makes both the American Gothic sculpture and the “Dance” sculpture so amazing is that not only are they larger sculpted versions of the original paintings, Seward Johnson takes it as far making sure even the backdrop of the sculptures match the backdrops within the painting. Just like the farmer and his wife having the house in the background in American Gothic; Dance also achieves the same background, with a nice bare outdoor area! Lovely.

Seward Johnson takes paintings and makes them bigger than ever before! If you ever want to take a look at these sculptures, be sure to make your way down to Grounds for Sculpture.



Anyone who has gotten into the habit of instagraming and even tweeting has to at least have come across the popular hashtag #OOTD.

#OOTD stands for “Outfit of the day. This tag is now popularly used today, and is a way for others to show off their own stylish and favorite outfits. I think it’s a great tag! It’s nice to see everyone’s own sense of style and it even helps others get some ideas on how to change up their own daily fashion choices.

Today I thought I’d make a post on my own recent #OOTD’s, but given that I didn’t want to only post my personal fashion choices, I thought I’d get my friends involved and post some of their fashion choices as well. Our #OOTD’s give some insight on our own fashion choices, and we’ll also be giving tips on the best ways and where to rock these type of outfits!

“Going to class! #OOTD”


Try to keep it comfortable and casual when going to class – you don’t want to stress yourself out by having to deal with the following:

– dangly or loud jewelry
– too tight jeans (you need to breathe!)
– too sheer clothing (stay relatively warm, lecture halls and even classrooms can get a little cold… and really, nobody wants to be able to see through your clothes!)

Boyfriend’s T-shirt and cardigan are from H&M / Found my cardigan at H&M as well, and the dress from Loehmanns; although, I’m sure you can find a floral dress just about anywhere!

Floral patterns are fun and definitely a must have if you’re trying to keep it casual. It presents more of a laid back approach, and you don’t really need to worry about accessorizing because the graphics already do so much for the outfit.

“Going out! #OOTD”


I love my best friend’s outfit in this picture! High waisted shorts are very “in” right now, they help flatten the tummy and work as a comfortable way to change up an outfit.

As for me, my tribal print maxi skirt I found while thrift shopping – BUT I know for a fact that very similar designs can be found at a store called Charlotte Russe, and my tank top can be found at any Kohls or Target within your area! Really simple top, but it fits great.

Maxi skirts have become very trendy, they’re a great way to dress up or dress down an outfit. Plus, they’re super comfortable – it’s literally like wearing a giant blanket, so warm!

Again, I cannot stress the importance of comfort in fashion. If you feel good, you’ll look even better. Never settle for something too tight or too sheer because it’s just plain uncomfortable. And, well, if you’re going out there’s a lot more to focus on than just trying to maintain composure in a crazy outfit. Keep it simple!

If you’re still feeling naked with the lack of accessories, go ahead and add some bracelets or even earrings to the look!


A really cool accessory that my boyfriend and I both have is our couple’s bracelets. We found them while on Instagram and came across the bracelets through the user – btcpbyrm. Their website,, sells a bunch of bracelets for singles and couples looking for a more homemade, beaded accessory. One of our bracelets is a wooden heart puzzle piece, and another is a wax stamp holding each other’s first initials. Check the website out!