Skin Care Must Haves!

Skin Care Must Haves!

You know what I hate? Having lumpy, puffy, and bumpy skin caused by acne and other skin irritations. Of course, I do my very best to try and combat these imperfections by providing myself with the best types of skin care products! Since high school, I’ve dealt a lot with acne and skin irritation. Not only would I have break ups led by acne, my cheeks would even turn a bright red and just swell up because of serious skin irritation. It sucks, but there’s nothing else to do but accommodate to your skin’s needs and make sure it is in its best shape.

You can’t just depend on foundation and concealer to hide all blemishes and imperfections – no, you need to work a lot harder than that. It’s important to maintain healthy and clean skin so that your pores do not clog up, and so that you can feel a lot more fresh.

Anyways, this post is dedicated to skin care and the products I use to ensure the best and most proper skin care!

st-ives-fresh-skin-apricot-scrub-invigorating-6oz-1_1Saint Ive’s Apricot Scrub

I’ve tried tons of different face washes, and I’ve gotta say Saint Ive’s Apricot Scrub is definitely on top of my list of one of the best face washes. It has tiny beads within the scrub, which really helps to exfoliate the skin. Whenever I wash my face with this scrub I always feel like it’s digging deep at my pores and cleaning them out. I’ve definitely dealt with little to no blemishes or irritation because of this face scrub.

Plus, it comes with a sweet apricot smell! Good smelling, and good for the skin.

41RFZ9XXMMLMurad Face Wash

Don’t like face washes with exfoliation scrub like the Saint Ive’s face wash? Go for something more smooth and less rough on the skin! Murad Face Wash has been the talk of the year, becoming one of the most majorly used face washes to date. It It has no scent like other face washes, no exfoliation beads, it is just a translucent formula. It gets rid of the acne just as fast as Saint Ive’s. For me, I do prefer Saint Ive’s, but that is only because I prefer face washes with exfoliation. However, before I had come across Saint Ive’s, I had used Murad for the majority of my high school experience. I’ve never had a problem with this face wash – never once has it let me down.

12196303_201309171141YESto Cucumber – Soothing Facial Towelettes

If you’re looking for a nice, calming face wipe to get rid of your make up and sooth your skin this is definitely the face wipe for you! A lot of times, when traveling it is hard to just bring out your face wash and wash your face. If you’re on the go, a nice soothing face wipe is the best thing that will make you feel clean and refreshed! Also, because of the cucumber scent, I seem to feel even more awake after using it. Great for the skin! Helps clean out the poors and keeps you fresh.

I used the Yesto Cucumber facial towelettes mostly when I am traveling long distances. A long car ride, or even a plane ride, always feel a lot better when refreshing my skin with a nice cucumber towelette.


Vanity Case

This month’s make up must haves! Why I love them, and why I think you should buy them.

Sephora's Clinique Redness Solution Foundation in Calming Ivory

Sephora’s Clinique Redness Solution Foundation in Calming Ivory

Face Time

What is it?

CLINIQUE’s Redness Solution Makeup with SPF 15

Why do I love it?
Okay, I’ve tried tons and tons of brands of foundations in the past, but nothing beats CLINIQUE. The past products I’ve tried range from department store to actual beauty and makeup stores – and all foundations seem to meet second to what this makeup can do. Clinique’s redness solution not only conceals, but even cures the imperfections of the face. Red skin? Puffy blemishes? The foundation will literally mask these flaws away.
And what makes this even better is that the next day, your redness and puffiness will go down by a lot! The foundation is made as a redness relief and solution. Oil-free and light, leaves a very natural and clean touch on the face – creating a very flawless and natural look.
I’ve always struggled with the redness and puffiness of my face, it’s just my natural skin tone. This foundation not only conceals these imperfection, but they even improve the redness and puffiness. It seems to cool down my face, and every single time I wash the foundation off, it seems like the redness and swelling have gone down significantly.
A great buy, it does its job as a foundation, but also goes the extra mile in actually improving my skin.

What it cures: Redness of any kind – from blemishes to flushed skin, conceals it and even cures it.

Maybelline's Baby Lips - Lip Balm

Maybelline’s Baby Lips – Lip Balm

Baby, Baby, Baby Lips!

What is it?
Baby Lips – Lip Balm by Maybelline

Why do I love it?
Seriously, if you haven’t heard of this product yet, you need to be in the know! Sure, there are tons of lip tints and lip balms out there – but there is a lot about Baby Lips that makes it the best-selling Lip Balm thus far.
First, take note of the fun, fresh, colorful, and different designs on each of the six lip balms! And, each one has its own specific color. The tinted lip colors range from dark to light. They even sell complete sheer, nude balms for those who are just looking for a really beneficial chap stick.
Adds a tint of lip color, while really hydrating and light on the lips! Plus, they’re really cheap, you can find them just about anywhere from your local drugstore to some major make up stores as well.
I see girls on campus holding onto these lip balms everywhere they go! This isn’t just a fad – fads die out, fads get old. Baby Lips is not only fun, cute, and colorful in the styling of their packaging – but beneficial and helpful. They cure chap lips, and will leave your lips moisturized and healthy. And, if you’re looking to add a little color – Baby Lips has your back! Try whichever Baby Lip Balm you would like, you won’t be disappointed.

What it cures: Dry lips, pale lips

Sephora's Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara by Tarte

Sephora’s Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara by Tarte

Lights, Camera, Flashes

What is it?
Tarte’s Statement Mascara

Why do I love it?
So, I guess it’s hard to really vouch for Mascara. Every Mascara commercial will tell you the same thing – with how that one specific brand of Mascara will give you voluminous, thick, and long lashes! Okay, whatever, those are all lies – and this Mascara actually DOES give you long, think, and voluminous lashes! And, the only way I can prove this to you guys is if you hear about my own personal struggles with my eye lashes. Basically, I have barely any lashes, they’re also really thin and short. I feel like lashes really bring out the face, they help make a person look more awake and lively, and to have thin and short lashes can really hinder one’s overall look. Without Mascara, I feel insecure. I feel like I look tired, groggy, and my eyes done pop the way that they could. Add some of Tarte’s Statement Mascara and I feel a lot more confident about myself. Just a little make up can really make a difference in how you look and feel about yourself. Do you need any more proof than that? No, – just believe me here, people.
Plus, check out the cute, trendy, and gold trimmed packaging it comes in! It’s a thin, compact case – not big, round and bulky like other mascara containers.

What it cures: Even the ugliest of lashes. Helps bring out natural beauty, and an over exuberance of confidence and happiness (yes, this Mascara can do just that!)