The Zara Fall 2013 Ad Campaign – Yay or Nay?

Zara’s Fall 2013 Ad Campaign came out a few weeks ago, presenting this season’s possible clothing line.

Zara_fall2013_adcampaignLet’s start with the red and black plaid. Now, I love plaid, I’m all for plaid and I feel like it could be a best way to dress down – or even dress up – an outfit! But, the right plaid is really hard to find. Check out the photo on the left. Great cut on the coat to the right, loving the shape – but why, why, why do these coats remind me of the Scotch tape brand with those tacky plaid designs on them? There’s not enough dimension and flow to the coats, and it causes the plaid to stand straight and stiff – making the look very awkward and tacky.

OH. And did you guys take a look at the coat worn by the model to the left… her arms aren’t even in the sleeves! They’re poking out from underneath the sleeves, not even underneath the coat! So, is there like a hole where the armpit of the coat is supposed to be? Just a weird coat, in general. And, well, the coat on the right is alright, manages to rock the tacky scotch-tape plaid.

tumblr_mus2u8rJKW1qgn23wo2_500Next look. Black – Too gothic? Too simple? What do you guys think?
Honestly, I love black, and I’m liking the all-black look of these designs. However, I feel like they’re too thin and over simplified. All of the dresses seem exceptionally thin and borderline sheer, and it’s as if they belong under an actual dress, rather than worn on its own. Like, they’re wearing hats and coats, implying that it is cold out – but then they are wearing these dresses that are basically the equivalent of the nightgowns sold at Victoria secret. C’mon, Zara! Oh, but I do love the hats! Loving those hats.

tumblr_mus2u8rJKW1qgn23wo5_250And, finally – my actually only, and most favorite, look found on the ad campaign!
It’s a combination of grays, blues, and a dash of black boots! Everything that these models are wearing look like they are made for comfort as well as for fashion! They also cater to the idea of fall, with very subtle color tones, warm clothing, and comfortable boots. The skirts are simple, but they manage to work through their shapes and flowing designs – plus, they seem appropriate and not too thin like the black dresses. Unlike the plaid coats mentioned earlier, these coats use one base color, and create a unique design out of the coat to help it stand out and stay stylish. Also, the coats look comfortable, and made for the fall weather!

Anyways, that’s it for my thoughts on Zara’s fall collection. If you’re looking to buy any of the clothes mentioned today – the closest Zara I know of is found at Menlo Mall in Edison! It’s a great store, the clothes are a bit pricey. BUT, Zara has managed to make unique outfits and designs that cannot be matched anywhere else!