The Middle Part – a personal struggle

How trendy is the middle part right now? It’s absolutely crazy how major it has become in fashion today – totally knocking the side part off of its pedestal and standing as the number one, most ideal hairstyle of today.

What makes the middle part better than the side part?

The middle part is versatile, and looks completely natural when worn just right. It doesn’t require as much work as a side part, allowing your hair to fall oh-so gracefully down. It looks effortless, chic, and stylish!

What makes a side part so difficult (and obviously I’m being biased here, because I’ve had the side part for almost my whole life), is that it requires a lot more maintenance, especially if you’re dealing with bangs swept along your side part… absolutely annoying! And, if you read my previous blog post you would know that I have a serious issue with my hair, having to hairspray and constantly maintain it’s look or risk having it fall flat, depressing, and not so chic.

So, why do I have the side part? Why can’t I just change to the middle part?

First off, you can’t just change the parting of your hair so easily. It is actually, absolutely difficult to make the transition because of several reasons.

1. Your hair is used to the part it is already accustomed to, so changing the part will feel awkward, and maybe even uncomfortable. It also will not set the same exact way as your original part, because your hair is already so used to going a certain way.

2. A lot of times, the transition from side part to middle part is incredibly awkward. The side part allows a decent amount of hair to cover and shape your face; however, the middle part almost exposes your entire face. It’s uncomfortable for me, since I have an incredibly round face and don’t really know how to deal with having a middle part just yet.

With that being said, because the transition is so awkward for me, I have yet to settle with a middle part!



I do have some tips and tricks on the best ways to cope with the transitioning between a side-part to a middle part, making the transition easier for you if you are not as comfortable with your new hair style.

Option 1: Curl your hair away from your face, this will elongate your face, and keep it from looking so round as a result of the middle part. Because your hair falls symmetrically on both sides of the face, it will inevitable create the illusion of a much more rounded face. Instead, curling or even straightening your hair directly away from your face will help highlight the look of a much longer face.

Option 2: Keep it up! Tie your hair half up, keep the hair that falls to the side of your face and tie it into a half pony tail. This will not only get you used to the look of your face in being so exposed, but it will also get your hair used to the position of the side part.

Option 3: Twist or braid the sides! If you have fringes, or even if you are still uncomfortable with the way your hair is falling on the sides of your face, it works best to braid or twist the fringes or sides of your hair, and then pull them back, bobby pinning them to the back of your head.

Option 4: A cute headband works just as well! Whether it is a headband that wraps around your forehead, or even just pulls back your hair from your face – either work best when trying to deal with a new middle part.


The Little Things in Life

Now more than ever we are constantly on the go, constantly on the move! As girls, we have a lot to maintain and carry around throughout our hectic day… And, all can be found in the comfort of our own purses! Today, there are so many small, compact essentials created for girls to maintain their beauty and their best without adding weight to their already heavy purses! Let me explain:

Imagine yourself on the go, you know you’re going to be out for the majority of the day – whether it be because of work, school, plans with friends or family, or even just having a ton of errands to run – if you want to look your best, it’s definitely hard to maintain when rushing about throughout the day! A lot of times, we girls just give up, shrug our shoulders and let the worst get to us, let our hair get frizzy because the day is so long, or let ourselves smell of gross and sweat… And, sometimes, we just don’t care! BUT, we don’t have to settle for this, ladies!

I am currently obsessed with mini, compact products, they help keep the day going and they also keep me refreshed and feeling my best.

big-sexy1. Mini hairspray.

Now, I don’t have an ultimate favorite of these mini hairsprays – but naming some really great ones at the top of my head, there is Tresemme, Garnier, and the BigSexyHair hairspray! All of them come in less than half the size of your usual hairspray, and fit comfortably inside any ordinary purse. They’re compact, easy to use, and most importantly: convenient.

Why do I love hairspray? Well, I’m a girl who has a lot of hair, a lot of layers, and major side swooping bangs. It is absolutely difficult to maintain a collected, put together look when your hair has so much going on – so with that being said, I accept the use of hairspray as a part of my daily routine! Of course, hair falls flat throughout the day, so it’s good to keep a mini hairspray as a part of your in-purse essentials.
freebies2deals-dove-sample2. Mini deodorant.

This one is kind of self-explanatory. I mean, come on! If you’re going to be out all day, I don’t care if you’re dressed up or dressed down, you NEED to carry around some deodorant. Sweat is inevitable, and also stinky. I used to carry around a giant, actual sized version of deodorant because I didn’t want to let my perspiration get the best of me… The problem with this was that it was so big, bulky, and inconvenient when it sat in my purse.

So, I’ve found and fell in love with mini deodorant! Just like the hairspray, it is small, convenient, and compact… everything you can possibly love about something that needs to sit in your purse all day!

P14705393. Mini sunblock

Whether spray on or lotion, this is a must-have if you are running around all day… especially if most of your day consists of you traveling outside! Do you want skin cancer? No, you don’t! If you’re walking around the city throughout the day, or even grabbing a bite to eat outside, the best thing to keep in your purse and at hand is a small, convenient item of sunblock.

I am super pale; therefore, I redden easily. The mini sunblock adds little to no weight to your purse, and does a lot more good than you can ever imagine!

For the most part, when it comes to mini hairspray, deodorant, or sunblock, I have no preference. Usually, I prefer to purchase the mini version of the essentials that I already have – so you can do that too, if you’d like! Or, go ahead and experiment with all of the other mini essential products!

Skin Care Must-Haves (Part 2): The Natural, “DIY” Edition

Skin Care for the Eyes! A DIY (do it yourself) exclusive! I will be handing you tips and things that you can find in your house to help with your daily routine when it comes to taking care of your eyes, covering the “DIY” portion of my blog!

My last post was dedicate to the many different skin care products that I have used over time – ranging from Murad Face Wash, to Saint Ives Face Scrub, and Cucumber Face Towelettes. But this post is dedicated to a few skin care must-haves that are easy, affordable, and may even be found in your own home! If you don’t want to go out spending money on pricey skin-care items, then the following at-home items are a sure fire way to maintain skin care at an even more than reasonable price.

Skin care is difficult to maintain, but it is definitely manageable as long as you have the right products. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive brand on the market; you just need to know what works best for your skin!

indexOlive Oil! – Gets rid of make-up, soothes and hydrates the skin!

Need to get rid of make-up? There are tons of washes and towelettes that might do the trick, but that is not always so. Sure, there are face towelettes made specifically to wipe off make-up, but those hold harsh chemicals that can irritate or simply negatively affect the skin! When it comes to face washes for make-up, a lot of times they don’t completely get rid of all of the make-up on your face. So, what I’ve found that works amazing is a little trick I learned from a friend. Olive Oil!

Just any regular olive oil will do the trick: dab just a little bit onto a Q-tip and you’ll be able to get rid of even the heaviest of eye shadow. As far as foundation goes, you might as well just wash your face with your regular skin-care routine – the olive oil routine is mostly meant for heavy eye shadow, and excess make up left behind that couldn’t be picked up by the face wash or towelettes. So, dab some olive oil onto a Q-tip, and tend to the nasty leftover make up! It even leaves a smooth touch to the face after being applied!gothic-makeup-with-black-heavy-eyeshadow

Cucumbers reduce eye puffiness… But so do cold towels!

I’m sure we’ve all been given the advice that a few slices of cucumber will do the trick when it comes to diminishing and reducing red and puffy eyes. However, who really wants to waste a completely good cucumber on your face? Save food for what it’s meant for… eating! And try using some house-hold items instead; they will do the same thing… probably even better!

Now, before you go to your towel closet and pull out an ordinary, giant towel that you use after taking a shower, keep reading. The best thing for this treatment is a small towel, probably just a small face or hand towel. Fold it up so that it forms a small rectangular shape that can easily drape over both of yours eyes. Then, rinse that towel in incredibly cold water, after the towel has a nice chill and brisk feel to it, squeeze out the excess water.

Lay down in a dark room and apply the cold towel over your eyes, keep your eyes closed! And relax.

A lot of times, if I know that I have been up too late at night and will wake up looking tired and puffy, I place the towel over my eyes and go to sleep with it! When I wake up, no matter how tired I am I always feel a lot more refreshed and my eyes feel a lot less heavy in comparison to if I had just slept without the chilled mini-towel.

FYI, you will not catch a cold from keeping a chilled towel over your eyes! All of the excess cold water was squeezed out, so you’re really just applying something to soothe the inevitable puffiness.

Try these tips out! These are two of the most basic and important essentials in eye-care. You never want to have excess make up, and you want to ensure your eyes do not get damaged from any harsh store-bought make up removers… which is why you should try the olive oil! And, for a quick puffy eye fix, try the cold towel trick!