Skin Care Must Haves!

Skin Care Must Haves!

You know what I hate? Having lumpy, puffy, and bumpy skin caused by acne and other skin irritations. Of course, I do my very best to try and combat these imperfections by providing myself with the best types of skin care products! Since high school, I’ve dealt a lot with acne and skin irritation. Not only would I have break ups led by acne, my cheeks would even turn a bright red and just swell up because of serious skin irritation. It sucks, but there’s nothing else to do but accommodate to your skin’s needs and make sure it is in its best shape.

You can’t just depend on foundation and concealer to hide all blemishes and imperfections – no, you need to work a lot harder than that. It’s important to maintain healthy and clean skin so that your pores do not clog up, and so that you can feel a lot more fresh.

Anyways, this post is dedicated to skin care and the products I use to ensure the best and most proper skin care!

st-ives-fresh-skin-apricot-scrub-invigorating-6oz-1_1Saint Ive’s Apricot Scrub

I’ve tried tons of different face washes, and I’ve gotta say Saint Ive’s Apricot Scrub is definitely on top of my list of one of the best face washes. It has tiny beads within the scrub, which really helps to exfoliate the skin. Whenever I wash my face with this scrub I always feel like it’s digging deep at my pores and cleaning them out. I’ve definitely dealt with little to no blemishes or irritation because of this face scrub.

Plus, it comes with a sweet apricot smell! Good smelling, and good for the skin.

41RFZ9XXMMLMurad Face Wash

Don’t like face washes with exfoliation scrub like the Saint Ive’s face wash? Go for something more smooth and less rough on the skin! Murad Face Wash has been the talk of the year, becoming one of the most majorly used face washes to date. It It has no scent like other face washes, no exfoliation beads, it is just a translucent formula. It gets rid of the acne just as fast as Saint Ive’s. For me, I do prefer Saint Ive’s, but that is only because I prefer face washes with exfoliation. However, before I had come across Saint Ive’s, I had used Murad for the majority of my high school experience. I’ve never had a problem with this face wash – never once has it let me down.

12196303_201309171141YESto Cucumber – Soothing Facial Towelettes

If you’re looking for a nice, calming face wipe to get rid of your make up and sooth your skin this is definitely the face wipe for you! A lot of times, when traveling it is hard to just bring out your face wash and wash your face. If you’re on the go, a nice soothing face wipe is the best thing that will make you feel clean and refreshed! Also, because of the cucumber scent, I seem to feel even more awake after using it. Great for the skin! Helps clean out the poors and keeps you fresh.

I used the Yesto Cucumber facial towelettes mostly when I am traveling long distances. A long car ride, or even a plane ride, always feel a lot better when refreshing my skin with a nice cucumber towelette.


Pastel Hair

Pastel Hair by Freshfood

Pastel Hair by Freshfood

Pastel Hair – In or Out?

We’ve all seen our BFF Kelly Osborne from E!’s Fashion Police rock her light purple, pastel colored hair!

More and more each day I’ve found that Pastel hair is so in. But we at Nothing Less Magazine want to get your insight on the newest hair obsession!

The first time I saw Kelly Osborne dye her hair light purple I was absolutely appalled by the look! Purple hair? Really? But, now, times have changed and fashion has been constantly moving forward to bigger and better things… To be honest, I’ve grown to LOVE pastel hair! I find it very cute, trendy, chic, and especially unique.

Pastel Hair has become MAJOR, so many girls today are dying their hair to rock this new look!

What is “Pastel Hair”?

For those of you who don’t know. Pastel Hair is definitely NOT your natural hair color. And, I would say that the goal of pastel hair is to not look natural, but to give more of a fantasy appeal to it. Colors range from blue, teal, pink, beige, grey, purple – and so much more! The trick to making these pretty colors even prettier is by making them lighter and even more vibrant. Every inch of hair, from the roots, is colored – so you better hope you get the color just right!

Pastel hair from Elixer

Pastel hair from Elixer

Keep in mind the pastel hair is NOT meant to look natural! In a way, the look evokes this type of other-worldly vibe from whoever is rocking their pastel hair color. But, it is important to ensure that the color is covering every inch of your hair – you do not want your natural hair color showing when owning pastel hair… it just won’t look as fresh and consistent!

How to rock it?

Okay, first things first. You need to know what color best suits you. You, as in, your personality plus your overall appearance. Those with a paler complexion can basically rock any color – but for best results you’re going to want to keep your pastel hair as light as possible. Even girls with tanner and darker complexions can rock this hairstyle! It’s all about knowing what goes best with your skin tone. Olive and beige skin tones always seem to work best with blues, and pale skin tones go best with the lighter shade of pastel colors.

The Good:
– Cute, unique, creative.
– Helps you stand out!
– Hair is an accessory, so coloring it just adds to your style and personality!

Pastel hair from Eddiefunkhouser

Pastel hair from Eddiefunkhouser

The Bad:
– Difficulty in coordinating certain outfits with your hair? (Ex. You don’t want to overshadow and overwhelm your fashion choices with your already outlandish hair color.)
– Too much time and money to keep up with filling in those roots!

What do you guys think?

Is pastel hair too out there? Or is it a cute way to showcase individuality and creativity?

And! If you’re considering dying your hair pastel colored but aren’t quite sure just yet, or don’t want to ruin your hair with hardcore beach and hair dyes – you can always pull a Katy Perry and wear a bunch of different colored wigs that match your style! Colored wigs are IN, and JUST as cute as dying your hair a unique color – just make sure the style shapes to your face, and the color coordinates and highlights your skin tones!