The Zara Fall 2013 Ad Campaign – Yay or Nay?

Zara’s Fall 2013 Ad Campaign came out a few weeks ago, presenting this season’s possible clothing line.

Zara_fall2013_adcampaignLet’s start with the red and black plaid. Now, I love plaid, I’m all for plaid and I feel like it could be a best way to dress down – or even dress up – an outfit! But, the right plaid is really hard to find. Check out the photo on the left. Great cut on the coat to the right, loving the shape – but why, why, why do these coats remind me of the Scotch tape brand with those tacky plaid designs on them? There’s not enough dimension and flow to the coats, and it causes the plaid to stand straight and stiff – making the look very awkward and tacky.

OH. And did you guys take a look at the coat worn by the model to the left… her arms aren’t even in the sleeves! They’re poking out from underneath the sleeves, not even underneath the coat! So, is there like a hole where the armpit of the coat is supposed to be? Just a weird coat, in general. And, well, the coat on the right is alright, manages to rock the tacky scotch-tape plaid.

tumblr_mus2u8rJKW1qgn23wo2_500Next look. Black – Too gothic? Too simple? What do you guys think?
Honestly, I love black, and I’m liking the all-black look of these designs. However, I feel like they’re too thin and over simplified. All of the dresses seem exceptionally thin and borderline sheer, and it’s as if they belong under an actual dress, rather than worn on its own. Like, they’re wearing hats and coats, implying that it is cold out – but then they are wearing these dresses that are basically the equivalent of the nightgowns sold at Victoria secret. C’mon, Zara! Oh, but I do love the hats! Loving those hats.

tumblr_mus2u8rJKW1qgn23wo5_250And, finally – my actually only, and most favorite, look found on the ad campaign!
It’s a combination of grays, blues, and a dash of black boots! Everything that these models are wearing look like they are made for comfort as well as for fashion! They also cater to the idea of fall, with very subtle color tones, warm clothing, and comfortable boots. The skirts are simple, but they manage to work through their shapes and flowing designs – plus, they seem appropriate and not too thin like the black dresses. Unlike the plaid coats mentioned earlier, these coats use one base color, and create a unique design out of the coat to help it stand out and stay stylish. Also, the coats look comfortable, and made for the fall weather!

Anyways, that’s it for my thoughts on Zara’s fall collection. If you’re looking to buy any of the clothes mentioned today – the closest Zara I know of is found at Menlo Mall in Edison! It’s a great store, the clothes are a bit pricey. BUT, Zara has managed to make unique outfits and designs that cannot be matched anywhere else!


Vanity Case

This month’s make up must haves! Why I love them, and why I think you should buy them.

Sephora's Clinique Redness Solution Foundation in Calming Ivory

Sephora’s Clinique Redness Solution Foundation in Calming Ivory

Face Time

What is it?

CLINIQUE’s Redness Solution Makeup with SPF 15

Why do I love it?
Okay, I’ve tried tons and tons of brands of foundations in the past, but nothing beats CLINIQUE. The past products I’ve tried range from department store to actual beauty and makeup stores – and all foundations seem to meet second to what this makeup can do. Clinique’s redness solution not only conceals, but even cures the imperfections of the face. Red skin? Puffy blemishes? The foundation will literally mask these flaws away.
And what makes this even better is that the next day, your redness and puffiness will go down by a lot! The foundation is made as a redness relief and solution. Oil-free and light, leaves a very natural and clean touch on the face – creating a very flawless and natural look.
I’ve always struggled with the redness and puffiness of my face, it’s just my natural skin tone. This foundation not only conceals these imperfection, but they even improve the redness and puffiness. It seems to cool down my face, and every single time I wash the foundation off, it seems like the redness and swelling have gone down significantly.
A great buy, it does its job as a foundation, but also goes the extra mile in actually improving my skin.

What it cures: Redness of any kind – from blemishes to flushed skin, conceals it and even cures it.

Maybelline's Baby Lips - Lip Balm

Maybelline’s Baby Lips – Lip Balm

Baby, Baby, Baby Lips!

What is it?
Baby Lips – Lip Balm by Maybelline

Why do I love it?
Seriously, if you haven’t heard of this product yet, you need to be in the know! Sure, there are tons of lip tints and lip balms out there – but there is a lot about Baby Lips that makes it the best-selling Lip Balm thus far.
First, take note of the fun, fresh, colorful, and different designs on each of the six lip balms! And, each one has its own specific color. The tinted lip colors range from dark to light. They even sell complete sheer, nude balms for those who are just looking for a really beneficial chap stick.
Adds a tint of lip color, while really hydrating and light on the lips! Plus, they’re really cheap, you can find them just about anywhere from your local drugstore to some major make up stores as well.
I see girls on campus holding onto these lip balms everywhere they go! This isn’t just a fad – fads die out, fads get old. Baby Lips is not only fun, cute, and colorful in the styling of their packaging – but beneficial and helpful. They cure chap lips, and will leave your lips moisturized and healthy. And, if you’re looking to add a little color – Baby Lips has your back! Try whichever Baby Lip Balm you would like, you won’t be disappointed.

What it cures: Dry lips, pale lips

Sephora's Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara by Tarte

Sephora’s Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara by Tarte

Lights, Camera, Flashes

What is it?
Tarte’s Statement Mascara

Why do I love it?
So, I guess it’s hard to really vouch for Mascara. Every Mascara commercial will tell you the same thing – with how that one specific brand of Mascara will give you voluminous, thick, and long lashes! Okay, whatever, those are all lies – and this Mascara actually DOES give you long, think, and voluminous lashes! And, the only way I can prove this to you guys is if you hear about my own personal struggles with my eye lashes. Basically, I have barely any lashes, they’re also really thin and short. I feel like lashes really bring out the face, they help make a person look more awake and lively, and to have thin and short lashes can really hinder one’s overall look. Without Mascara, I feel insecure. I feel like I look tired, groggy, and my eyes done pop the way that they could. Add some of Tarte’s Statement Mascara and I feel a lot more confident about myself. Just a little make up can really make a difference in how you look and feel about yourself. Do you need any more proof than that? No, – just believe me here, people.
Plus, check out the cute, trendy, and gold trimmed packaging it comes in! It’s a thin, compact case – not big, round and bulky like other mascara containers.

What it cures: Even the ugliest of lashes. Helps bring out natural beauty, and an over exuberance of confidence and happiness (yes, this Mascara can do just that!)

Clyde – Hair God

Hollywood’s “Mane Man,” Clyde Haygood has created some of the best hairstyles and designs, presenting his work through stars such as the Kardashians and Naya Rivera. Now, I know this is my second post complimenting the Kardashians’ style and look – but I’m merely giving praise to the people that have managed to make these women look presentable and trendy! I mean, they clean up exceptionally well, and that wouldn’t be the case without the help of artists like Joyce Bonelli (see post below) and the topic of today, Clyde Haygood. He is literally a hair god! He manages to create such full and unique-looking hairstyles that are both creative and gorgeous.

A part of being a celebrity like Naya Rivera and the Kardashians is maintaining perfect hair! I mean c’mon, the majority of the time we see these celebrities is when they’re looking amazing, and this is only done through the help of their style team.

Let’s take a look at some of Clyde Haygood’s best works and why we love them so much.

Naya's Pom-Pom Ponytail by Clyde Haygood

Naya’s Pom-Pom Ponytail by Clyde Haygood

The Pom-Pom Ponytail!

Amazing! Why does Naya Rivera look like she has 3 times as much hair as I do? Thick and flowing, on top of that! The amount of teasing on my hair, with the addition of hair extensions, would still not amount to the precision and perfection found within this hairstyle. It looks effortless while still maintaining a completely chic appeal to it.

Clyde Haygood knows his clients, and accommodates to their looks – you don’t seem him doing Naya Rivera’s Pom-Pom Ponytail on someone like Khloe Kardashian. This look works because of Naya’s petite face, along with her tiny physique. The hair is big and bold throughout the ponytail, and the side bangs give a sense of alluring mystery that adds to Naya Rivera’s overall personality. The hairstyle also helps to accent her own facial features, highlight her eyes, slightly covered by the flowing bangs, and the deep hair color works to match the darkness of those eyes. Of course, I can see the Pom-Pom Ponytail on someone like Kim Kardashian, but not the same, exact style of Naya’s, maybe another version of it that would accent her own personal features.

Khloe's recent hairstyle on KUWTK by Clyde Haygood

Khloe’s recent hairstyle on KUWTK by Clyde Haygood

“Ghetto Gorgeous!”

Who doesn’t remember Khloe’s side cornrowed hair on the most recent Keeping up with the Kardashians?! Aside from the drama that the episode had brought, Khloe was rocking these cornrows, paired with a fairly pink and perky makeup style created by Joyce. Love it! The best part about having the dreadlocks only on one side of the face helps to not overwhelm the appeal of the look – it would be a bit too much if her whole head was cornrowed. The style also conveys a sense of uniqueness that Clyde Haygood is known for – not many hairstylists will send out their clients with such a bold piece of work, but he knows just how creative and bold to make his hairstyles without overwhelming the entire piece. The cornrows help to keep the hair out of Khloe’s face, revealing her amazing cheek bones and dark eyes. Whereas, the other half of her face presents her hair as long flowing, draping down and concealing part her behind these wavy locks. An overall beautiful, intricate, and stylish masterpiece!


Kim is Blonde! by Clyde Haygood

Kim is Blonde! by Clyde Haygood

Who made Kim BLONDE?! Clyde did!

If anyone else has been keeping up with these Kardashians, they would know by now that Kim Kardashian has officially gone blonde. And we love it! Clyde managed to color Kim’s hair in a way where the blonde color isn’t too overwhelming! He adds some dark highlights to the blonde hair, allowing it to look more natural. It works! Kim looks better than ever, and rocks this hairstyle with all the help of Clyde Haygood. Where would she be without him?!

A lot of times, celebrities want a little bit of change in their lives, dying their hair to add a little bit of variety to their look. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, Kim’s blonde hair worked, and there is a lot of detail put into this look so that she is able to maintain her new hair color! Without the dark highlights we would have completely lost Kim. The dark highlights help to coordinate with her dark eyes. And the combination of light and dark tones help to accent her exotic features.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and be sure to like the post if you enjoy these styles as much as I do!

[Makeup] Artist of the Day: Joyce Bonelli

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the amazing [makeup] artist Joyce Bonelli! This post will convey the amazing makeup talents of Joyce Bonelli, and how to achieve similar results in your own makeup endeavors.

For those of you who don’t know, Joyce Bonelli does the makeup of some major stars of today – Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian. Her style ranges from bold and fun, all the way to simple and sheer – either way, she is able to convey any style, making it her own, and having the ability to highlight her subject’s most prominent and beautiful features.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj from The Plastic Boy

Nicki Minaj from The Plastic Boy

The last season of American Idol starred Nicki Minaj as one of the female judges for the show. Some days she looked fierce with bright, neon themed makeup to match her bold fashion choices, and other day she kept it simple, with a fitting trendy outfit to match a fitting and naturally nude choice of makeup! Either way, Nicki Minaj rocks whatever outfit and makeup choice she presents for the show, and it is not only her personality that lets these aspects of her shine – but it is through the help of her own personal stylists and makeup artists that help highlight the best parts of Nicki. Where would she be without the help of Joyce Bonelli? Joyce offers the face!

I’ve seen Nicki with almost every makeup style there is, but she rocks it no matter what. Just look at this image of her from the past Idol television show! Really simple eye makeup, and a bold lip. Her eyebrows are filled in with a light brown, as to not take away from other prominent features on her face – such as her cheeks and nose which are accented by a highlighter. The red lip color perfect matches the dress, and works as the focal point for this amazingly presentable beauty.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian from Fashion Beauty Glamour

Kim Kardashian from Fashion Beauty Glamour

In comparison is Kim Kardashian’s bold eye, nude lip, makeup look! Keeping it simple just like Nicki’s picture shown above, Kim keeps her hair tied back, allowing all of her prominent face features to be shown at their best. Joyce highlights the Kardashian’s famous jaw line and cheek bones with a light bronzer on the side of her cheeks, the lip color helps to highlight the bronzer’s sheer nude pink and orange undertones. The smokey eyes help to enhance Kim’s dark brown eyes, also highlighting her fierce and exotic features. The darkness of the eyes and nude appeal of the entire face and lips help to accentuate these amazing brown eyes! Joyce further accentuates the look by winging out the liner and eye shadow just a bit, giving a more cat-like appeal to the look… adding model and mystery to an already beautiful piece!

I’ve seen Joyce create some really bold and bright pieces to these stars, but nothing beats managing a sheer, natural look, while managing to have major aspects of these ladies pop out! Joyce uses the red lipstick to accentuate Nicki’s voluptuous lips, and allows the effect of the smokey eye to emphasize Kim’s deep and dark brown eyes.

Both looks are easily attainable! Simply by looking at these pictures you can get an idea of exactly what Joyce does to ensure the presentation of her star’s outmost beauty:

1. Highlighting your best features is the most important part.

2. Also, you don’t want too much color, since that may be a bit overbearing…

3. The best thing to do is accentuate parts of your appearance (eyes, lips), and allowing that to be the center of your makeup look!

Makeup from Fashion Beauty Glamour

Makeup from Fashion Beauty Glamour

Another great aspect of Joyce’s makeup is that it never ever looks too heavy. That, in my opinion, is perhaps one of the worst crimes in makeup. Having your makeup look too cakey or even too heavy always has its downfalls. The foundation she uses is always light, covering just the right amount, but not covering too much, still managing a natural look on Nicki and Kim.

Additionally, she doesn’t go wild with color, and when she does, she ensures that any color on the stars face will accentuate with all the other makeup tones, colors, and assets.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Just remember, less is more and it’s better to have a natural look while highlight key features, instead of trying to make everything stand out (this on its own is too overwhelming, and simply unnecessary).

Hope these makeup tips helped and inspired you in some way! Enjoy!

Seward Johnson, bringing new life to major paintings –

A few months ago my boyfriend and I had visited New Jersey’s outdoor museum Grounds for Sculpture located in the Hamilton area. I’ve already been to a decent amount of museums before, but nothing compares to the wondrous and fresh appeal of New Jersey’s Grounds for Sculpture. The museum is sculpture based, and these sculptures are placed and organized beautifully amongst a rather scenic outdoors area. Shrubbery, flora, and several other nature based aspects help to highlight the sculptures that are placed all around the museum.

I could go on and on about every detail of Grounds for Sculpture, since it contains quite a bit of artwork and the natural set up is just so engaging. However, to condense this post I thought I’d focus on one of my favorite artists and some of his sculptures that were displayed within the exhibit.

Seward Johnson is by far one of my favorite artists, and it was thanks to visiting Grounds for Sculpture that I was able to introduce myself to some of his many works. What makes Seward Johnson so unique is that he has taken famous paintings and sculpted them into 3-dimensional, actual and realistic pieces.

“God Bless America” by Seward Johnson

Seward Johnson's rendition of American Gothic

Seward Johnson’s rendition of American Gothic

I’m sure many of you know of the painting American Gothic. Well, for those that may not know of the painting or just need their memory jogged- American Gothic was originally painted by Grant Wood. The painting depicts a farmer husband and his wife, with the husband holding a pitchfork and the wife standing right next to him. The couple wears rather Gothic based clothing through dark red and gray undertones. The backdrop of the painting is a farm house, set behind the couple. Both the husband and wife are set with rather monotone, somber faces. American Gothic by Grant Wood is already on its own a captivating, and extremely dense piece.

Now, through the sculpting talents of Seward Johnson, he has taken American Gothic and made it larger than life! As I was walking through the museum I immediately noticed the gigantic sculpture of the farmer husband and his wife – as well as the farmhouse background. All of this was shaped and molded. Being that it is a sculpture, it stands as a 3-dimensional piece of art, with every detail holding such realistic aspects.

Just look at it! Wondering how big it is? I can’t give you the exact size – but if you want to know how little you would be next to the painting, take a look at the suitcase next to the couple. You are even shorter than that suitcase. Yes, the farmer, the wife, and the house behind them quadruple in size next to you and probably your own house – towering over you, possible just as tall as some New York City buildings. Magnificent.

Seward Johnson’s interpretation of Henri Matisse’s “Dance”

Seward John's interpretation of Henri Matisse's "Dance"

Seward Johnson’s interpretation of Henri Matisse’s “Dance”

Henri Matisse had painted an amazing piece of artwork known as “Dance,” which depicts a young boy laying under a circle of dancing women – all holding hands and surrounding him as he lays in both relaxation and possibly awe.

Just like his interpretation of American Gothic, Seward Johnson takes the original painting of “Dance” and sculpts it into a giant, larger than life size creation. What makes both the American Gothic sculpture and the “Dance” sculpture so amazing is that not only are they larger sculpted versions of the original paintings, Seward Johnson takes it as far making sure even the backdrop of the sculptures match the backdrops within the painting. Just like the farmer and his wife having the house in the background in American Gothic; Dance also achieves the same background, with a nice bare outdoor area! Lovely.

Seward Johnson takes paintings and makes them bigger than ever before! If you ever want to take a look at these sculptures, be sure to make your way down to Grounds for Sculpture.