Anyone who has gotten into the habit of instagraming and even tweeting has to at least have come across the popular hashtag #OOTD.

#OOTD stands for “Outfit of the day. This tag is now popularly used today, and is a way for others to show off their own stylish and favorite outfits. I think it’s a great tag! It’s nice to see everyone’s own sense of style and it even helps others get some ideas on how to change up their own daily fashion choices.

Today I thought I’d make a post on my own recent #OOTD’s, but given that I didn’t want to only post my personal fashion choices, I thought I’d get my friends involved and post some of their fashion choices as well. Our #OOTD’s give some insight on our own fashion choices, and we’ll also be giving tips on the best ways and where to rock these type of outfits!

“Going to class! #OOTD”


Try to keep it comfortable and casual when going to class – you don’t want to stress yourself out by having to deal with the following:

– dangly or loud jewelry
– too tight jeans (you need to breathe!)
– too sheer clothing (stay relatively warm, lecture halls and even classrooms can get a little cold… and really, nobody wants to be able to see through your clothes!)

Boyfriend’s T-shirt and cardigan are from H&M / Found my cardigan at H&M as well, and the dress from Loehmanns; although, I’m sure you can find a floral dress just about anywhere!

Floral patterns are fun and definitely a must have if you’re trying to keep it casual. It presents more of a laid back approach, and you don’t really need to worry about accessorizing because the graphics already do so much for the outfit.

“Going out! #OOTD”


I love my best friend’s outfit in this picture! High waisted shorts are very “in” right now, they help flatten the tummy and work as a comfortable way to change up an outfit.

As for me, my tribal print maxi skirt I found while thrift shopping – BUT I know for a fact that very similar designs can be found at a store called Charlotte Russe, and my tank top can be found at any Kohls or Target within your area! Really simple top, but it fits great.

Maxi skirts have become very trendy, they’re a great way to dress up or dress down an outfit. Plus, they’re super comfortable – it’s literally like wearing a giant blanket, so warm!

Again, I cannot stress the importance of comfort in fashion. If you feel good, you’ll look even better. Never settle for something too tight or too sheer because it’s just plain uncomfortable. And, well, if you’re going out there’s a lot more to focus on than just trying to maintain composure in a crazy outfit. Keep it simple!

If you’re still feeling naked with the lack of accessories, go ahead and add some bracelets or even earrings to the look!


A really cool accessory that my boyfriend and I both have is our couple’s bracelets. We found them while on Instagram and came across the bracelets through the user – btcpbyrm. Their website, http://www.btcpbyrm.com/, sells a bunch of bracelets for singles and couples looking for a more homemade, beaded accessory. One of our bracelets is a wooden heart puzzle piece, and another is a wax stamp holding each other’s first initials. Check the website out!